Dealing With Particular Situations

Workers on the road

Drive slowly and carefully through construction zones and areas. Obey the warning signs and people who are directing traffic through the area. Adjust your speed as per the condition. Do not change lanes and watch for workers and construction vehicles on the road.

Be patient if traffic is delayed due to construction work. If your lane is blocked and no one is directing traffic, let the vehicle coming from the opposite side pass. When the way is clear, move slowly and carefully around the obstacle.

Animals on the road

Animals, especially cows, may come on the road at any time and from any direction. Be alert for animals and slow down if an animal comes on the road. Animals on roads are a major cause of accidents on Indian roads

Mobile Phones

Do not use mobile phones while driving. Talking on the mobile diverts your attention and affects your reactions and it can cause an accident.

Stop your vehicle on the shoulder of the road, switch on the four way emergency lights and attend your phone call or let your mobile voice mail service take the call. Listen to the message later when you have parked your vehicle.

If it is really important to use the mobile phone when driving, use a hands-free microphone but it is strongly recommended not to use it while driving.

Distractions to drivers

Pay full attention and remain focused while you drive. Even if you have years of experience it is important for you to pay full attention to your driving.

  • Using mobile phones or laptops.
  • Eating or drinking
  • Talking with passengers
  • Attending to children
  • Adjusting the controls of the music systems of the vehicle

These are some of the major causes of road accidents.

Emergency vehicles

If you hear the siren or see flashing lights of a police, fire, ambulance or an escort vehicle, get out of the way as soon as you can. Get to the left side and slow down till that vehicle passes you.

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