Know Your Blind Spots

Blind spot is an area on each side of the vehicle that you cannot see through the mirrors. Mostly blind spots are to the back left and back right of the vehicle. In the above graphic, the red car is in the blind spot area of the silver car. The green areas in the above graphic show the blind spots of the silver car.

Adjust the mirrors to get the maximum view and identify your blind spots. You may not see vehicles when they are in these spots. Position the interior mirror so that the centre of the mirror shows the centre of the rear window. When the interior mirror is properly adjusted you would be able to see directly behind your vehicle.

The exterior (wing) mirror adjustment should be made while seated normally for driving. Do not set the right-hand exterior mirror by placing your head against the glass of the driver's door window. Do not adjust the left-hand exterior mirror by leaning to the centre of the vehicle.

Side mirrors show only narrow angles of view, so you have to turn your head to make sure there is nothing in your blind spots.

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