No Objection Certificate

Traffic No Objection Certificate is a compulsory document for commercial vehicles. This has to be renewed every year. This certificate is provided only after clearing all the previous pending challans, if any. Without no objection certificate, no commercial vehicles is authorised to run on road. No Objection Certificate (NOC) in respect of commercial vehicles and commercial driving licenses can be obtained from

A Traffic No Objection Certificate (NOC) is required from the NTB for the following:
  • Processions
  • Public rallies
  • Meetings
  • Public campaigns
  • Competitions
  • Marches
  • Public Awareness Campaigns
  • Film shootings in Public
  • Taxi / Auto rickshaw stands, Pay and Park schemes, Bus Queue shelters, Road markings
  • Advertisement Boards, Advertisement Campaigns, commercial entertainment events
  • Excavations for laying pipes, cables etc, newly constructed commercial/residential complexes, movie halls, hotels/restaurants
  • Street Beautification, Pavements, Crossroad Redesigning, Speed Breakers, Road Dividers
All Kinds of Procession:

Public meeting, Road excavation, Advertisement Campaign, and Road Rally, the person or association which is requiring N.O.C. should submit a written application to the local police station which in turn forwards it to the concerned circle/district office of Indore Traffic Police after analyzing the request.

Film Shooting:

A written application is to be submitted along with court fee stamp of Rs. 5 /- pasted on the application to Assistant Commissioner of Police (Admin.), Traffic, who in turn forwards for further permission of concerned civic agency.

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