Sharing The Road

Sharing The Road With Other Vehicles

We, in India, have a large number of small vehicles on the roads. These vehicles are harder to see because of their size. Drivers of these vehicles may turn suddenly without indicating making it an accident prone situation. They are less protected so are more likely to be injured in an accident.

Slow moving vehicles like cycles, richshaws, mopeds, three wheelers should try to keep as close as possible to the left edge of the road. While driving, treat scooters and motorcycles like other vehicles.

Sharing The Road With Large Vehicles

The length and width of large trucks create special driving situations. Do not consider them as any other vehicle when they are turning or backing up. For example, a driver of a long truck that is turning left may move into the right lane to avoid hitting the curb as he turns.

A truck being larger and heavier needs a longer distance to stop than cars. Give an indication well before turning, slowing or stopping so that the trucks behind you get enough time to brake.

If there are two or more lanes, trucks must use the left lane to allow the slower vehicles to overtake them.

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