Turn On Headlights At Night And In Poor Light Conditions

Turn on headlights at night and in poor light conditions.

Fasten your seat belt before you start. Seat belts are for your safety not just for avoiding challans.

Seat belts should be worn comfortable enough to keep you in your seat if there is a collision. Put the shoulder strap over your shoulder, never under your arm. The lap belt should be put low over the hips, not over the stomach. Turn on headlights around 30 minutes before sunset and keep them on until 30 minutes after sunrise. Turn on your lights when fog or rain reduces your visibility to less than 100 meters.

Keep your headlights clean and get them adjusted regularly so that they aim properly. In dim light, use your headlights, not parking lights. Parking lights are only for parking.

You do not need to use high beams on Indore roads. If you are travelling on a highway and using high beam headlights, switch to low beams within 150 meters of an oncoming vehicle. Switch to your low beams when you are less than 60 meters behind another vehicle.

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